How  Came to be

(B) came into the world because we have a strong guttural knowing that when a woman uses her authentic voice, she can change the world around her.  Keele has been working to empower women in the United States and in developing nations for twenty-five years using peer support groups, vocal empowerment and a curriculum of accountability and sustainability.

We are in a time of distinct change in our world.  It is time for each of us to stand in our own power, relinquish the patterns that no longer serve us and create the life we are meant to live.  This level of change happens when women band together for a common purpose, hold each other accountable with love and believe that their contribution matters.

One of the anchor tenets of (B) is our belief that we are all the teacher and we are all the student.  No one person has ‘the answer’. Collectively we have so much wisdom. (B) creates a safe container for both learning and sharing.

We all have stories we tell ourselves that clutter our conscious and unconscious decisions and at times have us acting in ways that aren’t congruent with who we are meant to be in this world.  Our job is to clear the way to our authentic life and (B) is catalyst for that change.

This is a movement of women who want to do the work, they know that they need to walk through the obstacles that have been given to them whether it be things from their childhood, divorce, career change or just simply that they need to re-commit to loving their life.

(B) helps women who are on the path of being the heroine of their own journey.

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Who We Are

Keele Burgin


Keele is in a relentless pursuit to help women find and use their voices. She believes when a woman finds her voice, she will change the world around her.

Keele is an entrepreneur, activist, author, and mother of three.  Her story of survival and self-discovery has inspired a life dedicated to impacting tens of thousands of women across the globe.  She has served in leadership roles on the boards of multiple international nonprofit organizations that empower women.

Her business career has spanned the globe from co-founding an international strategic marketing company to being instrumental in building and selling an analytics business to a Fortune 100 company.

In the true sense of re-architecting her life, Keele realized that her true purpose was to bring her writing to the world and to help others to tell the stories they don’t want to say out loud.  That is where the healing begins.  Her first book, Wholly Unraveled, came out in 2019.  It is her story.

Telling your story, the one that belongs only to you, with all of the shame and vulnerability that comes with it, IS the beginning of that journey for every woman.

Josie Welling


Josie’s business prowess, leadership and focus on the consumer have been pivotal for companies and their brands to evolve and grow, ranging from startups to Fortune 100s.

Being part of the inaugural (B)Tribe, Josie connected deeply with the amazing and diverse group of women.  She took leaps of faith to uncover and release obstacles that had been holding her back, and she embraced new and authentic ways of being with herself and others.

Josie is honored to join the (B)Tribes team to help share the magic with more women. Josie leads with a quiet presence and is excited to combine her high-level business skills with her passion for personal growth, a deep curiosity about life, and compassionate listening.

Allison Salvati

Allison Salvati

Allison’s superpower is building and nurturing relationships, and she is our official “Creator of Opportunities”. 

Allison, affectionally nicknamed “Alio”, has spent her career being instrumental in building strong communities inside of well known brands such as Honey Smoked Fish Co, noosa yoghurt, Bhakti Chai and

Allison was a member of our inaugural (B)Tribe, which changed her life on nearly every level, both professionally and personally. She is passionate about connection, communication and helping women build a life they love. She would love to hear from you!! 

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 Alumni Testimonials

“It was incredibly pivotal for me, especially at a time in my life when I needed a tribe that could see me through a major transition.”


“I valued seeing inside other people’s lives that are hectic and messy and difficult. And you think, oh, we’re all struggling.”


“Having a tribe makes everything seem doable.”


“I was grateful for everyone’s willingness to be open and hold each other accountable”


“I feel lighter. My heart doesn’t feel as heavy. My past doesn’t have that tight hold of me. It used to be how I defined myself, but it’s not all of me, just a small part.”


“I’ve finally learned to embrace my full self, even the shadow parts I haven’t wanted to see or show others. I’m so thankful for the safe and supportive space that (B) creates.”


“I’ve never had such deep relationships with women, or been so seen and so heard”


“I feel like every interaction we are teaching each other something.”


“(B) changed my life. I now know my worth, and my new roadmap aligns with my passions. We accomplished so much in just a few months.”


“Our two guides did a beautiful job of holding us and holding us accountable.”


“The fact that we were all re-architecting our lives together was insanely powerful.”


“I have more awareness of how I am in the world and my ability to control myself more than anyone else.  Because really, I can only change me.”


“(B) opened up my world”


“It was life changing. It changed who I am and who I’ll be in the future and how I’ll look at the world.”


“I’m so grateful I gave myself this gift! While it wasn’t an easy check to write, it was well worth the financial stretch.  Honestly, I had never before invested in myself that way.”


“I loved the rotating partnerships because I got to go deeper with people and see their gifts and wisdom up close while supporting them in their challenges.