Keele Burgin
Keele Burgin

I am Keele.

I am Worthy, Powerful,

Connected and Sensual.

Experiencing Life with Abundance,

Laughter and Vulnerability.

Whew. It took me decades to find those words and longer to believe them. The words are truly me. They are my essence. They came from the deepest, most truthful part of me. I was born with them. They may have taken a long time to float to the surface, but now they ruminate truth and encourage me to live bolder, emerge and walk through the fear that life can hand me on a daily basis.

Keele Burgin’s magic is her ability to connect – and connect deeply. Her life’s story makes her uniquely qualified to help women unearth their unique genius, to see themselves as worthy, and to share the stories they don’t want to say out loud. This journey brings profound transformation.

Her best-selling memoir, Wholly Unraveled, delivers a gripping portrait of a resilient young woman who turned her deep shame into awe-inspiring dignity and grace. Keele believes when a person finds their voice and shares their story, they can change the world around them.

Keele founded (B) to bring growth-minded women together to ignite their inner compass and create profound transformation in their lives through the inspiration and accountability that comes from the curated circles, powerful curriculum and customized coaching. (B) is for women who want to be the heroine of their own journey.

Keele is a gifted speaker and writer of poetry with a message of hope, resilience and the power of storytelling that has been shared on national and local stages including conferences, NPR affiliates, podcasts, magazines, universities, and webinars.

Keele is an activist for women. Her story of survival and self-discovery has inspired a life dedicated to impacting tens of thousands of women across the globe. She has served in leadership roles on the boards of multiple international non-profit organizations that empower women.