My Poetry

I began to write poems fifteen years ago as a way to process pain. I didn’t write when I was happy, only when I was wondering if I would ever really belong in the world. Poetry gave me the knowing that my voice mattered.

Below are a few of my favorites:

I Love Women

Uniquely Qualified 2

Be Where Your Hands Are

Inside Out

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I Love Women

I love women. I love big women, small women, women who 

refuse me (it is just temporary) and women who embrace me. 

I love the ones who are dressed up, dressed down and I love the 

ones that have found their perfect style and wear it with 

conscious grace, whether they are at the grocery or at The Met. 

I love their fears, their accomplishments, their wit and their 


I love how women celebrate. 

Women have carried me, taught me, nursed me and pulled me 

through the world when I wanted out. They have held my hand 

when I was afraid of touch and taught me that I would die with out 


I look in their eyes, that is where I learn the most. 

Women can tell a story by saying hello in passing. 

I want their layers, their pain, their candor and their unknown. 

In my women’s group… 

I want to show up.  I want to belly laugh. I want tears. I want to show up lonely and leave overflowing with connection.  I want to know that my insides are safe to spill. 

I want you to help me go into the world more courageously, I want to hold your hand while you do the same.  I want to discuss juicy topics that matter. I want to be both teacher and student.  I want to watch you soar, I want to go deeper as a tribe.  I want to belong 

As women, we gather. We Red Tent. We commiserate, connect and drink our holy wine 

as a bona fide tribe.

We crave a sacred circle, a safe place to emerge and retract with no agenda in 


We can fit in anywhere, but to belong is our soul’s request.

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Uniquely Qualified 2

i am uniquely qualified to love

because i have been betrayed

i am uniquely qualified to write

because i was told i had no voice

walk just beyond the rules

the limits you have been handed 

and wait

see who you become

and what you are uniquely qualified to do

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Be Where Your Hands Are

be where your hands are

let the world not take notice

for once you are without the noise

let the tenderness of what you know

float to the surface

you can do anything

now go

it paralyzes me

and gives me purpose

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Inside Out

go away

come close

be with me

take the gamble of my laser tongue

my fierce protection of vulnerability

cut through my words and cradle my pain

help me to carry my heart and not leave it behind

i will forget

you must remember

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